Thursday, 20 October 2011

What I am missing right about now (....from the states)

1. Margaritas! I mean really good ones, made with fresh fruit and quality tequila. Admittedly, I also miss the really cheap, extremely alcoholic, pint sized ones that I used to share with friends after work in Portland where you only needed one to provide devilish inspiration or an excuse to make out with a stranger. And of course, really good Mexican food.
2. Halloween. October has always been my favorite time of year, ever since I was a child. Planning my costume and trick or treating was way more exciting to me than anything received at Christmas, especially when you figured out which neighbor had the good candy and didn't give you apples! It's slowly catching on here, but the only one who comes knocking on your door is the guy checking whether or not you have a tv license.

3. 30 Rock, and other tv shows that I get to see about a year later.

4. Sushi. Really good, cheap sushi. Specifically, Mio Sushi.

5. Nordstrom Rack (or the ability to find good, quality shoes for less than £90).

6. Proximity to NewYork and New Orleans.
 7. Buttermilk cornbread. I have yet to easily find cornmeal here. Or buttermilk.
 8. My friends! I have been fortunate enough to see quite a number of my dearest friends here. I have realized that the world is a much smaller place than I ever imagined it to be, and those that mean the most to you will find you no matter where you end up.

9. Pumpkin spiced lattes.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Brass Rail Salt Beef Restaurant (missing NYC....)
 ...admittedly, my pastrami sandwich on fresh, soft rye bread was pretty tasty. Not fully comparable to the behemoth sandwiches in nyc, but a nice treat after scouring the sales racks at Selfridges.