Thursday, 19 May 2011

My tempestous love affair with London pt. 2

...what I love about London continued.....

9. Parks on sunny days! I'm lucky to live in a city that has over 10,000 acres of park space, and even luckier to work right next to Hyde Park. It is convenient for a quick mid day getaway from the office or wine tasting with friends on the weekends.Yes, this is England! Consumption of wine in public places is compulsory! 

10. Working in the UK (i.e. more vacation time than I know what to do with!) I admit, I am now well accustomed to the plethora of vacation time I receive as an employee in the UK. No probationary periods, and no such thing as a "sick time" allowance. The days are all mine!

La Plage de Calvi by Roger Broders France
11. Cursing! It's everywhere and the British have turned it into an artform. On the telly, on the tube, in the workplace, and even heard out of the mouths of babes. If my mother wasn't reading this, I'd share some of my favorites.

12. Words such as loo and brilliant and rubbish and brekkie and choccie.

13. David Mitchell. Another comedy geek-chic crush. Peep Show was my friend my first summer in London (and this clip also an example of the rather colorful language on the telly as stated above.)

14. The smell of suited businessmen on their way to work on the train in the morning.  If you'd like to broadcast your commuter crush, Tube Crush is for you.
Sigh. Why am I never squeezed next to this guy during rush hour?

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