Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Drinking in the dark at Gordon's Wine Bar

When I first ventured down the stairs to Gordon's Wine Bar, I was convinced I was the only person in London who had never managed to brave the incredibly dark, narrow staircase in a pair of platforms! To my surprise, there were others behind us moving quite slowly with footwear trepidation. I didn't feel so bad.
as none of my pictures turned out, this is from agreatlittleplace.com
Reportedly London's oldest wine bar, Gordon's has a smattering of wines, sparklers, ports and - my new favourite tipple of the season - sherry. The setting of Gordon's may not be to everyone's taste (1950's pirate hideaway), however if you're looking for a darkly lit cavern to lure a potential dates and imbibe them with cups of port and sherry before you steal their belongings and have your way them, this may be exactly the place for you.
...as these are the really large cups in which they serve port & sherry!

........and how incredibly dark it is inside (good for hiding pirate booty, making out and not looking too closely at the yellowing walls and decades of dust)

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