Monday, 30 April 2012

Now here's an English tipple for you....

Robin Webb, the winner of Sloane's Gin "Twisted Traditions" cocktail competition, created this concoction only a gran could love....served in a tea cup with a homemade vanilla macaroon on the side. A must try.
‘Grandma Sloanes Tea Time Tipple’ 
50mls Vanilla Rose pouchong (black tea) infused with Sloane’s Gin for 10mins (no heat needed)
25mls lemon juice
10mls rose syrup
Egg white
Two dashes orange bitters
(optional – violet essence atomiser)
  • Dry shake, then hard shake over cubed ice.
  • Served straight up in grandma’s best bone china.
  • Garnished with two vanilla macaroons and (optional) give a quick spray with the violet essence.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Rain, rain go away.....

Sorry for the absence in posting!  My ennui is directly commiserate to the drab and grey weather we've been experiencing in London. It's always the hardest during the final few weeks before spring officially begins. Or summer as many feel the one week of sun we had was indeed spring. What I would do for a dose of sunshine. So admittedly, I have been consoling myself with Manhattans and Old Fashioneds (Made with bourbon of course! One must remain sensible to their southern roots.) One of these does indeed make the grey go away and warms up the insides. It's either this or time spent in an icky tanning bed.