Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cocktails & Cabaret at Cafe de Paris

Ever since I bought a limited edition Liza Minelli inspired MAC makeup palette (circa 2003), I have adored cabaret. Perhaps it's the idea of wearing fishnets and false lashes in the debauched nightclubs of 1930's Berlin with my face made up like Liza (young Liza that is!)

Problem is, not everyone can cabaret. Myself included, in despite of the burlesque and dance classes taken. Some things are better observed than mimicked! However, I was pleased as punch to have finally found a decent cabaret show in London at Cafe De Paris. (La Soiree is another fab show...I'll be writing about that one later...)
Since 1924, Cafe de Paris has been the home of a few clubs, patronised by the who's who of London. Many a celeb and royal have been photographed blindly stumbling from the building in the wee hours. And now it was my turn! I joined a few friends for a cocktails and a three-course meal served up center front stage. Although like much of London, the meal isn't necessarily worth it's accompanying price tag, but it's well worth it as it secures you and your friends a prime table for the show.  If you're only there for cocktails, then you're squired away to the cheap seats in the balcony. 

if only I could do this!
and this! now that's a party trick
Overall, a highly enjoyable evening with talented and handsome entertainers. The tables are moved after the show as it becomes a dance club with your average Gaga remixes. Make your way to the tiny speakeasy-esque bar right of the stage where they will continue to play more retro inspired music. Speaking of, I just discovered The Correspondents. Check them out.