Thursday, 10 February 2011

Shoreditch Top 5 (i.e. hipsterhood in East London)

1. The Boundary. With a comprehensive and reasonably priced wine list in the basement bar (about 80 wines for under £35 offered from a list of 500) and even more friendly and knowledgeable sommeliers, it's divine! Along with a lovely rooftop view for a romantic drink, to brunch at the Albion cafe - it's one of my favorite places in London.

2. Brick Lane Coffee ( the 24 hour bagel shop next door!) Truly my favorite coffee shop so far in London. Dark, chocolatey cappucinos with creamy and perfectly blended foam served by sardonic hipsters. Reminds me of Portland! And who doesn't sometimes need a bagel at 3:30 a.m.?

3. the Aubin Cinema. Tiny cinema tucked away in the basement of the Aubin & Will's building. You can curl up in a plush, velvety armchair, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and enjoy your beverage of choice while watching a new release with only about 30 other people. Twin couches too if you want to snuggle with your sweetie while watching a film.

4. Leila's Delicatessen. Adorable sandwich shop near Arnold Circus which also offers seasonable if sometimes eccentric produce, speciality oils and lovely breads.

5. Brick Lane. Really. This may cause a bit of debate among my friends here, but I really have had my best curries so far on Brick Lane. 

6. .....and Les Trois Garcons for honorable mention if only for the eccentricly fabulous decor and the vintage purses hanging from the ceiling.

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