Friday, 10 June 2011

Paris Top 5

As I have written before, truly one of the best perks about living in London is the abilty to leave it every so often with relative ease. Paris is a little over 2 hours away via Eurostar. 

Here are my top 5 picks for a perfect weekend in Paris.

1. Stay at Hotel le Bellechasse. Located in St. Germain, and with rooms designed by Christian LaCroix, it's a perfectly fashionable respite for a weekend with the girls. For a weekend with your sweetie, book an Original Room which has a clawfoot tub near the bed.


2. Eat at Fish La Boissonnerie Bistro. Also located in St. Germain, La Boissonnerie serves amazing, sumptious three course set menus for about 35 euro. Fresh seafood, excellent wine list and exceptionally charming, handsome and friendly waitstaff. I will always remember this place for when I first discovered you can actually find good food in Paris!

3. Shop at John Agee Paris. We discovered this gem and not sure what we loved most - the jewelry or John himself! Stunning one of a kind pieces made all the more gorgeous by John's warm and down to earth southern-American hospitality. Please stop by and support this independent boutique.

4. Shop some more at Annick Goutal Parfums. A trip to Paris isn't complete until you decide that perfume is indeed more important than food, and splurge on one of Annick Goutal's signature scents. Songes, with it's sultry ylang-ylang, frangipani, and vanilla notes encased in a limited edition, sparkly lunar bottle, sits on my dresser reminding me that everyday, whether I'm sitting around in stretchy pants, or dressing to the nines for a date with Mr. Handsome, I can chose to be Parisian in my own way.

5. Pick up macaroons for the train back at Laduree. I know these are now available in London, but to buy a beautiful box in Paris, well, just feels different. Plus nibbling on a rose macaroon whilst sipping French champagne you smuggled aboard the eurostar, simply prepares you for a stylish return to London.

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